X-Weighted Photoshoot

Last night I had the privilage of working alongside Chloe Eckert, Creative Consultant for X-Weighted, an awesome health and wellness documentary style show featured on the Slice Network.

X-Weighted is in it’s 3rd Season now and will be featuring individual families and thier journey to lose weight together over a 6mth period.  Filming has ended now, which means it’s “Reveal Time” for the families and thier success stories.  That’s where I come in!
I was brought on board to complete thier transformation with the long awaited, “After” shots.  I designed the hair and makeup for the entire family in preparation for their photoshoot.  It was a really long night, but well worth it, cuz now my work will be featured in their upcoming premier show, yeah me!
This is the second time my work will be broadcast on television.  I also did a photoshoot with local designer, Kim Cathers for her line Kdon.  That very photoshoot got Kim chosen to be a contestant on “Project Runway Canada”, and was then featured on their Premier show.  Best feeling EVER!
Anyway, Chloe was wicked, and a pleasure to work with!  I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to work with her.
Everyone needs to check out the Premier, October 14th on the Slice Network.

D xo