Review of Elabloom’s Nourishing Facial Oil

Look what this lucky girl found in the mail yesterday!!! As most of you know, All Dolled Up Studio is working towards using only natural, organic skincare and we’ve been on the hunt for the best products.

Introducing Elabloom!  Created by like-minded friends, Tamara and Jane from Toronto, Ontario ,this Canadian born natural skincare line does not disappoint.  I think we’re all becoming more aware of what harmful ingredients sneak their way into our skincare these days.  I have recently become much more conscious of what I slather on my face and body every day and as a result I’ve taken steps to cleanse my bathroom cupboard of these toxic products.

Elabloom is comprised of 12 pure plant extracts-that’s it!!  No fillers, no parabins, no sulphites, no chemicals, period!  This little bottle is packed full of natural goodness with ingredients like avocado, jojoba, camellia, rose hip and lavender.  It not only has the prettiest packaging; which admit it girls-we care about how cute the labels are, but it’s packed with nourishing ingredients that leave your skin feeling super smooth and dewy.

Most of you know that I’m tying the knot this June.  I haven’t been doing much to “prepare” myself for the big day, but I have been super strict about my skincare regime to ensure that my skin is looking as fabulous and dewy as any blushing bride-to-be should look.  I can honestly say that using natural skincare products has definitely improved the appearance of my skin-I’m a total believer.  Getting my adorable little samples of Elabloom in the mail yesterday had me skipping to bathroom where I proceeded to apply a few drops of this luxurious oil to my freshly cleansed face.  Wow!  This silky smooth oil just melted into my skin leaving it feeling super hydrated.  Oh, and the scent…it’s so pretty!  I can’t really explain it any other way-it was floral, and fresh…soothing.   I didn’t even feel the need to apply my moisturizer afterwards…but that’s the beauty of Elabloom.  You don’t need an arsenal of products at hand.  Elabloom’s nourishing oil can be used as a moisturizer, serum and an eye cream, all in one!  How fab is that!

I’m excited to continue with this product to see the long term results.  So far so good.  I woke up with dewy soft skin and can honestly say I felt different when I looked in the mirror.

Elabloom can be purchased online for $48CAD:  You can also purchase their cute little sample sizes for only $12CAD.

D xo