Kim and Garath’s Rustic Barn Wedding

Summer Weddings are my absolute favourite…and Kim and Gareth’s Rustic Barn Themed Wedding did not disappoint.  Pete Brennan from One Earth Photography  took full advantage of the down home style setting at the barn Abbottsford.  I loved all of Pete’s creative, chic shots, it was so hard to choose just a few to share with you here. I was so happy to have the help of one of All Dolled Up Studio’s Senior Stylists, Tracey Le.  Tracey’s gorgeous hair and makeup creations on one of Kim’s Sister’s and Mother was done beautifully…this girl kicks some serious butt in the studio and I’m thrilled to bits to have her on my team!

Upon first meeting Kim, Gareth and their gorgeous baby girl Clodagh, I was immediately struck by how sweet they were.  Kim is not only gorgeous, but incredibly nice.  On her wedding day she was so calm, relaxed and clearly overjoyed by her upcoming nuptials to hubby-to-be Gareth.  It was really amazing to be a part of their special day together as a family.

Pete Brennan’s photos are some of my favourite because he really captured all the key ingredients of this unique barn themed wedding in his images.  I loved the image of Kim in her beautiful white dress shot against the bright red barn door , and Kim and her sister’s laughing uncontrollable all whilst playing in the grassy field, so pretty!