Hair Tips for the Perfect Wedding Updo



It’s that time of year again…from November-April wedding industry professionals like to call this stretch of time “Engagement Season”.  We love this time of the year because not only do we get a well-deserved break from the excitment of the previous wedding season, but we get to meet a whole new group of amazing brides that have chosen us to help them get all dolled up for their wedding day.  This time of the year is dedicated to Bridal Trials.  We love trials because it’s our chance to meet our clients in person, chat about each and every wedding detail from the dress, to flowers, colour themes and of course-their hair and makeup inspiration.  We spend up to 3 hours with our new clients so we can perfect their hair and makeup until they leave our studio feeling like glamazons.

Trials are so important for so many reasons.  Not only does this give you a chance to meet with your stylist beforehand, but it takes the stress out of wondering how your personal vision will come to light on your wedding day.  Your stylist will take into account your face shape, hair texture and wedding dress to create the perfect wedding day look. During your trial you will have a chance to try out a few different looks to see which one you feel the most beautiful and comfortable in.  This also helps things run smoothly on your wedding day because your stylist has already tested the look out on you once before-which means no unexpected surprises!

One of the first questions we get asked when a client books her trials is “When should I wash my hair, before or on the day of my trial?”.  We always get asked about hair tips for the perfect wedding undo.  Every stylist is different when it comes to this debate, but we usually like to recommend washing your hair the day before your trial.  Freshly washed hair is not the easiest to work with-it can be really slippery and can also cause a lot of static, which is never a good look.  That being said…please don’t come to your trial with hair that hasn’t been washed for 3 days.  We don’t want your hair to be “dirty”, we just want the hair to produce enough natural oils so that it will be properly balanced, allowing it to hold a curl well and not fall flat immediately.  There are so many products out there now that will help keep the hair fresh, so don’t worry about feeling like you are heading out to say your “I Do’s” looking like pig pen from Charlie Brown.

Here are some quick hair tips for the perfect wedding updo:

* Wash your hair the day before your trial and your wedding day.  It’s also really helpful to apply some styling balm or a light mouse to your tresses after washing.  This will help to prepare your hair to hold a curl.

*If you wash your hair every single day because it immediately gets greasy and starts to look darker at the roots-then by all means, please wash your hair on the day of your trial and wedding day.  You know your hair best and we want you to feel comfortable on your wedding day.

*If you have naturally curly hair and want to keep your curl-just wash and dry your hair normally, using a diffuser if that works for you, and then apply a light serum to help tame any frizz.  If you want a bigger, softer curl, make sure to straighten your hair after washing so that we can start fresh the next day when curling your hair and setting to achieve a bigger wave than your natural curl.

*If you have really straight hair that tends to fall flat-try blowdrying your hair with your head upside-down so that you can achieve more volume.  You can also apply a root lifting cream or gel to the roots to help get more lift out of your hair.

*If you are still feeling at a loss for what to do-just give us a quick call or send us an email:, we’re always happy to help!

Photo Credit: Blush Wedding Photography