Glamorous Hollywood Waves How-To

This year is all about the classic Veronica Lake inspired waves-not only on the red carpet, but for Brides too.  Nearly all of my clients have been requesting this glamorous do and I couldn’t agree with them more.  In fact…I’m planning on donning this stunning look for my own wedding this coming June.  It’s timeless, carefree and uber romantic-the perfect look for any bride-to-be!

Since we are all dying to steal this on trend look I decided to put together a super easy how-to that you can try out at home.

What you’ll need:

-Medium barrel curling iron
-Heat protective Spray-I love Kevin Murphy’s Damage Manager Spray
-Hair clips to section off hair
-Large paddle brush
-Setting Spray- I love Moroccan Oil’s Medium Hairspray

STEP 1: Create an exaggerated side part on one side of your hair.  Lightly spritz the hair with a heat protectant spray and separate the hair into three sections.  Create two sections in the front from the crown of the head to just behind your ears, clip to the side.  The last section is made at the back of the head.

STEP 2:  Start separating 2 inch sections of hair and wrap around the barrel of the curling wand away from your face.  Carefully remove the wand from the heated section and clip in place before it unravels.  Repeat all over the head until the curls are neatly set with the clips.  Now chill-go do your makeup, listen to some tunes, answer emails…whatever you need to do, but wait at least 15mins while these babies cool down.

STEP 3:  Now that your locks have cooled, gently remove the clips from each curl and let them fall loose.

STEP 4:  Using your paddle brush, gently brush out your curls being careful not to over do it.  Lightly brush each curl until it begins to take shape into those beautiful bouncy waves.  The curls around your face should begin to create that classic s-shaped wave.  A good tip is to lightly spray your paddle brush with some setting spray so that it keeps the curls in place without leaving them sticky.   If you want to keep all the hair to one side a really simple solution is to twist a section of hair from your ear towards the larger section of hair where your side part lands-keep this twist down at the nape of the neck-use bobby pins to secure into place and spray lightly.  Then voila-perfectly simple hollywood waves!

D xo