All That Glitters

New Years Eve is all about the Glitz and Glamour…so don’t shy away from adding a touch of sparkle to your Holiday look tonight!  I love adding an extra helping of drama to my New Years Eve Makeup, it’s the perfect excuse to let loose and have a little fun with your makeup.  Everything about NYE screams “over the top”, why should your makeup be any different?  Adding a little twinkle to your eyes with products like M.A.C’s Gold Glitter will give your look more of a whimsical fee; your eyes will sparkle with each bat of your lashes.  A good rule of thumb is to pair this look with a soft nude lip, your eyes should take center stage.

Living in London has been great for picking up new style tips and tricks.  Everyone has their own unique sense of style and they’re not afraid to share it.  Fancy dress parties are just one example of how the Brits love being over the top when it comes to dressing up for a night out.  I have been recruited to one such party this year and look forward to going all out and adding a little shimmer to my look.  Check out a few of my most coveted looks for NYE parties this year.

This look makes me cry is so damn sexy!  Add some crystals to the bottom of your eye, using tweezers and some lash adhesive.  Balance out this look with think winged out liner and some dramatic false lashes…love love love!

For a dark, sultry look this NYE try going a little retro with a deep smokey eye and vampy red lips.

This look is stunning.  I love how it looks slightly messy but gorgeous at the same time.  This look is not for the perfectionist, but will get loads of attention!  Keep your skin and lips fairly nude to achieve the best results.

This look is perfect for those brave makeup mavens out there.  The best way to achieve this look is to apply the glitter to a set of false lashes before applying to your eye.  I’ve brushed my false lashes with a gel mixing medium, try MAC’s, and then carefully dipped them into glitter.  Allow the lashes to set completely before applying to you lids.

*To achieve any of the looks above a good tip to keeping your glitter “on” your eye, and not “in” your eye is to apply a light lip gloss to your lids before carefully applying your glitter with a flat brush.

Happy New Year! xoxo